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Learn A Lesson!

If you ride a bike it’s super useful to know how it works, and to be able to maintain it and carry out basic repairs yourself.

We offer a three-hour Introduction to Cycle Maintenance, during which we cover the mechanic’s technique for changing a tube, how to adjust your brakes and replace the pads, how to clean and lubricate your bike’s transmission and adjust your gears and how to check your bike’s components for wear. The Introduction to Cycle Maintenance costs £75.

We also offer a wheelbuilding course, which covers theory, component selection, hub and rim measurement and spoke calculation, lacing, tensioning and truing. We’ll help you choose the components, and guide you through building your own wheel or pair of wheels. The Wheelbuilding Course costs £75.

The courses aren’t timetabled, we book them in to suit you. Weekdays, weekends or evenings.

We’re also happy to teach you anything you want to know*, charged at our standard hourly rate of £30

*Limited to cycle repairs, and jazz piano if you ask nicely…