Bikes And Parts For Sale

We keep a varied stock of refurbished bikes, usually a mix of road, touring and city bikes.

Every bike we sell has been refurbished, test-ridden and pronounced fully roadworthy by an experienced professional mechanic.

The cheapest bikes we ever have are £150 ish – it’s almost impossible to do it cheaper and still do it right. Our average customer probably spends between £250 and £300 on their refurbished bike – significantly less than the average car driver spends just on insurance every year…

Three hundred quid gets you four months’ worth of season ticket on Bristol buses, and our bikes should give many years of service, not to mention taking you exactly where you want to go, when you want to go there!

We’re happy to part-exchange your old bike for a shiny refurbished one!

If you’re building or repairing your own bike, we may well have the part you need – we’ve always got plenty of stock of used parts, frames etc as well as new parts and accessories.