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Workshop Price List

Often, your bike might not need a service, just some specific repairs or adjustments – say, new pedals and a front brake adjustment – and we’re happy to do small jobs – you don’t need to pay for a general service if your bike doesn’t need one. It might sound obvious, but sometimes shops don’t make it very clear!

If you use your bike most days, it’s a good idea to have a service once in a while, to help catch worn and improperly adjusted parts before they do any expensive damage.

An Advanced Service once a year and a Damn Good service every couple of years is about right for most people – if you ride a lot (maybe to Bath and back every day) then you might want to have a General Service every 6 months or so to keep on top of it – those miles add up!

Tyre pumpin’ and chain oilin’ is, and ever will be, free of charge.

Price List – based on our hourly rate of £30

General Service £30

Includes adjustment of everything adjustable – brakes, gears, headset, hub bearings etc. Wheels trued and all fixings and fasteners checked and tightened. Chain lubed, tyres pressured. Bike test-ridden. Includes fitting of cables and/or brake pads if required.

Advanced Service £50

As above, plus all drivetrain components removed, degreased and refitted. Includes fitting of cables, brake pads, drivetrain components (chain, cassette etc) as required. Bike cleaned thoroughly.

Damn Good Service £90

Your bike stripped and rebuilt – drivetrain degreased, all four bearings (hubs, headset and bottom bracket) repacked, brake and gear cables replaced (price includes cables). Includes fitting of any other parts required.

Wheelbuilding £30 per wheel, plus spokes

Puncture repair £12 including new inner tube

All other repairs are charged at our hourly rate, with a £5 minimum charge.